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Attached is a list of Hardy reels and dating information. It was given to me in the 80's by that great Scottish tackle dealer Jamie Maxtone Graham. Who was a real character. Anyway here goes hope this loads up Another way to help date your old Hardy Perfect reel is to carefully 'read' the face markings. Below, I'll show examples of reels from differing eras and the face markings you'd expect to see. Combined with the check details published HERE you are now well on the way to accurately dating your reel. The lightest large arbour disc drag fly reel Hardy has ever developed. Youtube video. 2 Minute Master Class Traditional French-Style Nymphing with Howard Croston, Hardy Brand Manager. Youtube video. 2 Minute Master Class River Techniques - Essential Presentation Casts with Howard Croston, Hardy Brand Manager.


Dating hardy reels:
Abu date codes. We get asked this one all the the numbers on my Ambassadeur reel seat mean? This chart may or may not make it easier, but it will shed a bit of light on the subject! Very cute little reels. I have one and find I use it very little. If you're looking for a reel that "looks right" on a short cane rod then it may be the reel for you. Otherwise, I'd at least go for the next larger model, the Featherweight. Fill it with some additional backing to build up the diameter and it will be much more useable than the. Our Hardy Silex centrepin casting reels for sale. Patented at the end of 1896, the Hardy Silex heralded the a major change to centrepin casting reels which helped to raise Hardy’s profile above other manufacturers at the time.



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I have inherited a couple of my fathers old fishing reels. One is a Hardy Silex Major 4 1/2 " ex- wide, with Pat. No. Searches on the internet have proved fruitless although similar reels have come up, as in smaller sizes. Cat. 2018. R-180253 con-pa. –This reel was made for Hardy in Birmingham, the center of brass manufacture in Great Britain. HARDY offered reel stamped with their name starting in the 1880’s. HARDY did not make their own reels until 1891, when they introduced the PERFECT. This reel had about 80% bronze finish on the fa. View more info


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Hardy - A Short History 1872 The Legend Begins. In 1872, a young man called William Hardy set up shop as a gunsmith in Alnwick, Northumberland, and that might very well have been the end of the story had not the great engineering magnate Lord Armstrong persuaded him to take his brother John James into partnership. Old fishing tackle reels in some hefty prices. Fri, Jul 10, 1998. a Hardy "Perfect" reel from about 1886 fetched £17,000 sterling just for a little brass reel. Dating from about.Reel variations. In addition to these 3 basic styles of fly reels, there are various features that have evolved over the years to accommodate the specific uses and needs for different types of fly fishing.

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